Range Road Closed - Volunteers Needed!

Attention ASC Members:Due to the effects of Hurricane Matthew, the range road is not safe for travel, especially cars and low to the ground vehicles. We recommend anyone driving to the range to do so at there own risk, until the road is fix.

The Director of the 4-H Center, Mel Atkinson, has asked for volunteers to help with emergency repairs on the road.  If you want to fulfill some ASC service hours, please contact the ASC Secretary at  secretary@airfieldshootingclub.org

We would like to get this fix by Saturday Oct. 15th, we have a few events going on this weekend. So it can be anytime this week. let the Secretary know.. even in the late afternoon, if its still light.

Equipment needed.. We could use anyone with bobcat, front loader, tractor, type of equipment.. we need to move large rocks and gravel.

Also anyone with shovels, landscaping rakes, etc... for moving dirt, rocks etc..

---Also, Mel could use volunteers to help prepare for the Boo Grass Festival coming soon to the Center.  If you can help with the festival, please contact Mel.  757-899-4901 or via email at mel88@vt.edu

ASC service hours will be awarded when you volunteer to assist the 4-H Center.Thank you!--Tim Drewry, ASC VP- edited by Mike Lawelr, ASC Secretary