Final Scores: Airfield Shooting Club -- 30 Dec "End of Year" COLD STEEL Match



Here are the final match scores for the Airfield Shooting Club 30 Dec “COLD STEEL” match.  


Overall winner and PCC Division winner:                               Carlos Galinato

SSP:                                                                                                       John Dekeersghett

CCP:                                                                                                       Terry Miltiar

REV:                                                                                                       Terry Miltiar

CDP:                                                                                                      Frank Schoner

ESP:                                                                                                       Buddy Mayers


We had 19 shooter and several reshoots with a change of firearm.  Yes, it was cold but all managed to shoot with gloves and heavy jackets.  The match ended at 1330 but several shooter stayed on to practice for another hours. This included trying out other shooters firearms and re-engaging the arrays in different format.  Appreciate everyone letting others learn about their firearms and giving them a chance to practice.  Good training for all.


Special thanks to all the set up and take down folks; moving steel is a load and we had 62 steel targets and steel bases.  On the humorous side; you know it will be a long day when you need a flashlight and truck headlights to start set up!


Hope to see you all at the next match, 31 Mar 2018.




Jeff H