Tucson to argue gun destruction lawsuit before AZ Supreme Court

Attorneys for Tucson go before the Arizona Supreme Court on Tuesday, Feb. 28, in a bid to void a state law that seeks to punish the city for its gun-destruction policy. The lawyers contend the Legislature has no right to tell any city that it has to sell guns that are seized or surrendered instead of destroying them. Tucson wants the state's high court to rule that lawmakers cannot use the threat of the loss of millions of dollars in state aid to effectively coerce elected council members to act a certain way. What the justices decide will have effects beyond the immediate fight. It could determine how much legislators can impose their will on cities.

NRA Backs Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill in U.S. Senate

Bill Would Eliminate Confusing Patchwork of State Laws Fairfax, Va.— On behalf of its five-million members, the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) today applauded the introduction of S. 446, The Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017, sponsored by Senator John Cornyn (TX).

Armed store clerk thwarted robbery

When two armed, masked men came into his store demanding money, Hani “Sonny” Salha not only refused to hand over the cash, but opened fire on them with his own gun. “I would do whatever it takes to protect my business, my family and my customers,” Salha said Tuesday at the In & Out Mini Mart, 1513 Tieton Drive. While Yakima County Prosecuting Attorney Joe Brusic said using a gun to defend yourself against robbers is a legal option, a Yakima police official said it’s safer to give them what they want.

Lancaster doughnut shop employee shoots intruder

One of two men who broke into a Lancaster doughnut shop today was shot to death by an employee, and the other suspect fled, authorities said. A call about the shooting came in a little before 3 a.m. about the shooting at Sugary Donut the 43600 block of 15th Street West, according to Deputy Trina Schrader of the Sheriff’s Information Bureau. The wounded man died at the scene. Authorities withheld his name pending family notification. According to a preliminary investigation, two men smashed the front window of the business and entered it, apparently intending to burglarize the shop, and an employee shot one of them, the sheriff’s department reported. The other suspect remained at large. The shop was not open to customers at the time.

Reminder: Anti-Gun Bill Scheduled for Hearing this Week in Nevada Legislature

This week, the Senate Judiciary Committee has scheduled a hearing for Senate Bill 115.  Senate Bill 102 had been scheduled for a hearing on Wednesday, March 1, but it has been removed from the calendar. Your NRA-ILA will work to ensure that SB 102 is scheduled for a hearing soon, as it is an important bill for Nevadans. Senate Bill 115, sponsored by state Senator Moises Denis (D-2), would expand the list of places firearms are prohibited from being carried and kept in vehicles to include public libraries. The motivation behind this bill likely stems from an incident last year where a mother of three, who home schools her children, was detained and handcuffed for open carrying in a public library even though it’s not prohibited under current law. SB 115 has been scheduled for a hearing on Tuesday, February 28, at 1:30pm.  Please contact members of the committee and urge them to OPPOSE SB 115! Senate Bill 102, a pro-gun bill sponsored by state Senator James Settelmeyer (R-17), would allow lawful gun owners with concealed weapon permits to carry or store their firearms in their vehicles on school property.   

Women with guns: The next threat to the Democratic Party

Abby Ross never spent time around guns until a little more than a decade ago. "I grew up on Staten Island," she said. "Hunting or gun use was not part of our family traditions." Now she handles guns with ease for hunting, sport and training. And she's one of a growing number of women venturing into the world of guns, either as part of the outdoor experience or for self-defense. Women increasingly have become a profitable new target customer for gun-shop owners and firearms manufacturers. "Women should not be afraid to know how to handle a weapon when they use them," said Ross, whose husband, an Army Special Forces soldier, taught her when they met 14 years ago. Ross, who looks far younger than her 36 years, held 5-month-old Mary, the youngest of her eight children, at the Great American Outdoor Show, held here this month.

On gun violence, the 4th Circuit chooses fear over the law

For those who have been paying attention, the court’s decision is unsurprising. The federal judiciary has been undermining Second Amendment rights for years. More shocking is the 4th Circuit’s foreboding rationale.

More states are allowing people to carry concealed handguns without a permit

New Hampshire this week passed a law allowing residents to carry a concealed handgun without a permit, joining a growing number of states that are allowing residents to carry weapons out of sight without a license.At least 11 states have passed laws allowing the concealed carry of guns without a permit, and 16 states have introduced legislation this year to do the same, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures and the National Rifle Association.

Iowa: Majority support 'stand your ground' legislation

A bill recently introduced in the Iowa House would make sweeping changes to the state's weapons laws. It includes so-called "stand your ground" provisions, which say a law-abiding person does not have a duty to retreat from “any place where the person is lawfully present” before defending oneself with deadly force. It also says a person may be wrong in his or her estimation of danger or about how much force is necessary “as long as there is a reasonable basis for the belief … and the person acts reasonably in response to that belief.”

Iowa: House bill provides overdue gun reforms

House Study Bill 133 will offer some common-sense gun reforms to Iowa’s firearms and use of force laws that will allow Iowa to catch up to other states in individual gun rights.

Florida Action Report! Self-defense Bill in House Criminal Justice Comm.

The critically important self-defense bill, HB-245, was heard by the House Criminal Justice Committee on Wednesday, February 22, 2017, and PASSED 9-4.  Once again State Attorney Phil Archer, left his job in Brevard/Seminole County to travel to Tallahassee to testify against your self-defense rights and the constitutional rights of the citizens he was elected to serve in the 11th Judicial Circuit. 

Gunning for Hillary

The NRA did just about everything right. It endorsed Trump last May when he was still just the de facto nominee. The goal was to persuade Second Amendment supporters who’d backed other candidates to unify behind him.

‘This is our time,’ Pence tells CPAC

Mr. Pence was introduced by Chris Cox, executive director of the National Rifle Association’s legislative-lobbying arm.Mr. Cox said he was presenting Mr. Pence with CPAC’s Charlton Heston Courage Under Fire award, designated to recognize individuals who have demonstrated “courage, strength of character, and backbone in defending conservative values and principles.”